So I am at SXSW Interactive. Here are some quick notes.

Until this point, I thought I was “in the know” about bleeding edge technology. I am not.

twitter is the hottest thing going on here. EVERYONE is using it. I even have an account. Twitter is a mini-blog type thing, where you type in what you are doing. Your friends can sign up to get text messages on their phone whenever you update it. At an event like this where there are 4939393929 different things going on, it is a really easy way to find out what your friends are up to and where they are.

I am the only person here without some sort of smartphone.

I take that last one back. Byron is here with his 10 year old phone he just turned on for the first time in a month. It doesn’t even get text messages. Sorry for calling your phone out, Byron but it had to be said.

There are some big name Internet people here. All of them are super friendly and easy to talk to. lets you make a website for your dog. It made over a million dollars last year!

I will try to update this later on. I will also be updating my twitter.