** Update 1/30 – I recently accepted a job as a Software Engineer at RightScale. Thanks everyone! **

Due to a recent layoff*, I am in the market for a new software development related job.

My experience is in web development. Specifically I am interested in Ruby and/or Rails related work. I would also be really interested in doing iPhone/Cocoa development. Facebook app development would be fun as well. My strengths are in backend development (i.e. not UI). I also have a strong background in systems architecture and administration.

I have a few Rails applications of my own in production that you can take a look at, School’s Out and CampusWire. School’s Out gets millions of page views a month and can deliver hundreds of thousands of email and text message emergency school closing alerts.

I really want to work on a fun, challenging, and innovative project with great people. Being able to work on and contribute to open source software as part of the process would be a bonus. I am in San Antonio and would prefer to stay here. Working remote is not a problem for me.

Here is my resume, and here is some of my code.

If you need a developer like me, please feel free to email me: iwarshak@stripey.net

*My previous job at FiveRuns was great and I have nothing but great things to say about them. The economy is a fickle thing, what can you say? :-)